Global Passport Program

Why do we teach geography?

The Global Passport Program helps students learn geography needed to be active and engaged citizens in an interconnected, 21st Century world.

What does my child need to do?

Students in grades 1 – 5 will receive a map from their teacher at the start of each month. Each month focuses on a different part of the world. Students will study the maps and be tested on their ability to locate countries, lakes, rivers, mountains, etc. at the end of each month.

What level should my child study?

There are 5 levels on each monthly map. The goal of each student is to pass the level of their corresponding grade. Although students are welcome to study and test at a higher level as a challenge activity.

1st Grade: 1
2nd Grade: 2
3rd Grade: 3
4th Grade: 4
5th Grade: 5

How are students tested?

When being tested, the student will be asked “Show me (name of country).” The student will point to the country on a blank map. The student needs to identify each country listed for that month based on the level they wish to achieve. For level 5 the student must pronounce the city when given the prompt, “Tell me the capital of (name of country).”

To successfully pass Levels 1, 2 or 3, the student needs to identify all countries at the level they wish to achieve, missing only 1 cumulatively. To successfully pass Level 4 or 5, the student must identify all countries in all levels and the capital cities, missing only 2 cumulatively.

Are there any incentives?

Any student that passes Level 3 or higher will earn a bookmark on that testing day. Any student who passes Level 5 all year will earn a T-Shirt in June. Any student who learns all 50 states in December will earn a reward.

Who tests the students?

Volunteers are the key to success! Volunteers test the students each month. We will provide training for testers, so consider signing up to help out even if you haven’t before. 

If you are interested in volunteering one time, every month or occasionally, you may email Karen Kasameyer ( or Casie LaBella ( Or you may sign up directly at

When and where are the tests held?

Students are tested in their Learning Commons the 3rd Friday of each month. The exact test dates are below along with a link to the study materials.


No test this month


Testing Date – October 21
Testing Map – Level 5 Map/List/Study Map


Testing Date – November 18
Testing Map – Level 5 Map/List/Study Map


Testing Date – December 16
Testing Maps – Level 3 Labeled/Study Maps
Testing Maps – Level 4-5 Labeled/Study Maps


Testing Date – January 20
Testing Map – Level 5 Map/List/Study Map


Testing Date – February 17
Testing Map – Level 5 Map/List/Study Map


Testing Date – March 24
Testing Map – Level 5 Map/List/Study Map


Testing Date – April 21
Testing Map – Level 5 Map/List/Study Map


Testing Date – May 19
Testing Map – Level 5 Map/List/Study Map

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