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    Supply Drive
    Posted on 09/27/2019
    Thanks to the many families who have supported this year’s Supply Drive, which directly supports all Genesee Hill students and teachers. If you have not yet donated, there is still time! Donations can still be made online at 

    A bit of background: the PTA has provided the funding necessary for the teachers and staff of the school to purchase all the supplies a student might need throughout the school year in bulk. The PTA does this to help ensure that the teachers have the exact supplies they need, and each student has school supplies, no matter his or her circumstances. In addition, it should make the start of school a little bit easier on parents and guardians, since you don’t have to go through the hassle of finding just the right number 2 pencil or red marker. The cost of supplies works out to be about $20 per student.
    Any funds raised beyond the amount expended to purchase supplies will go into the PTA general fund for use in upcoming events and other activities.