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    Full staff contact list

    Address: 5013 SW Dakota St

    School phone: 206-252-9700

    For reporting a student absence:

    Call 206-252-9704 or email at

    For contacting a teacher:

    1. Please call main office at 206-252-9700
    2. If the teacher is not available, leave a message on their voicemail.

    Staff Email list:

    Homeroom teacher:

    Leslie Addington-Ferris:
    Vincent Della Pella:
    Katie Firmand:
    Jackie Frazier:
    Lauren Fuller:
    Katie Funke:
    Beth Grasel:
    Shiloh Henderson:
    Nikki Hill:
    Danielle Jones:
     Per Junkerman:
    Stephen Katz:
    Jennifer Kwintner: jakwintner@seattleschools,org
    Margaret Lewis:
    Renee Marroquin:
    Marilyn Mears:
    Emily Mitchell:
    Erin Munavu:
    Quinn Nelson:
    Mick Philp:
    Julie Pietsch:
    Tara Ritzman:
    Shirley Smith:
    Diane Sophusson:
    Michael Washington:
    Dorothy Wells:
    Nicole Williams:
    Kay Yano:


    Gerrit Kischner:
    Liz Dunn:
    Paula Henn:
    Pam Jones:
    Cindy Stancik:
    Valerie McDonald:
     Laurie Tirtanadi (Nurse):

    PCP Teachers:

    CJ Sealey:
    Daniel Oschrin:
    Sam Turner:
    Danielle Bronson:
    Theresa Njoku:


    Lisa Barajas:
    Andrea Christy:
    Dana Cochran:
    Gina Frazzini:
    Emma Klein:
    Elisha Naylor:
    Tania Karshner:
    Ruth Solnit:
    Jennifer Watts:
    Kyle Williams: