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Global Passport Program

Genesee Hill Global Passport Program

NOTE: The Genesee Hill Global Passport Program has been put on hold! Please find some exciting links below to entertain your young geographer in addition to the information about what the GPP will look like once we can proceed! Thank you for the offers of support!

The Global Passport Program at Genesee Hill Elementary School is designed to familiarize students with global geography knowledge. A student who completes all five levels of the program during their time at Genesee Hill will be able to identify the following:

133 Countries
3 Geographic Coordinates
7 Continents
9 Landscape Features (Mountains/Deserts)
50 States
33 World Capital Cities
39 Bodies of Water

Learning these baseline geography skills serves as a platform from which to build a greater knowledge of all people (including our students) and the places in which they live! Our world is becoming more interconnected every day and each of us is a piece of this greater puzzle.

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