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    1. Go to the Library Catalog

    2. To find books at your child’s reading level, enter their reading level in the search bar and then click Subject. For example, if your child’s reading level is M, type level m in the search bar and then click Subject (catalog searching is not case-sensitive) or press the enter/return key on your computer.
      search for reading level

    3. To refine your search, you can add other descriptors, for example, level m fiction.

    4. To see full information for a book, click on the title.

    5. To find a more extensive listing at your child’s reading level, you can change the search parameters to include all SPS Libraries, by using the drop-down menu next to Location.
      search all libraries

    6. The importance of this search capability is that it allows you to search the school’s catalog by reading level. Although it is not possible to place holds on school library books from your home computers, you are welcome to ask the librarian to do so. Below are several options for helping your child to borrow “just right” library books:
      1. Write down the book information (titles and authors) and give this list to your child to use during their library time. Or, come in with your child to check out the books.
      2. Email Nancy Fisher-Allison with the books’ titles and authors and she will place holds on the books for your child to pick up.
      3. Research the books under your child’s reading level on our site and then go to the Seattle Public Library website and place holds on them.

    Finally, please remember that reading level is only half of the “just right” equation. The other component is personal interest. A “Level M” book about horses will do precious little for the child who wants to read about volcanoes. Best of luck finding that magical combination of reading level and interest. As always, please contact me if you have any questions or concerns. Nancy Fisher-Allison, Librarian at: