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    Volunteering at Genesee Hill

    The success of Genesee Hill Elementary depends on our community: teachers, staff, PTA and volunteers. The school relies on all of us contributing in small and large ways, and the beginning of the school year is a critical time.

    If you are interested in volunteering on a regular basis or have further questions, please email Renee Bibaud at

    Make sure you have completed all the volunteer requirements. Please sign in at the front desk using Help Counter and print a badge as this will also help us get your hours counted.

    Learn how to become a volunteer on the SPS website.

    • Background check form
    • Copy of Driver’s License
    • Initialed volunteer handbook form agreement and application.
    • Adult Sexual Misconduct Prevention - online course

    The background check and Driver’s license must be completed EVERY year. Sexual Harassment training only needs to be completed once during your time at Genesee Hill.

    Volunteer Opportunities

    Please visit the Genesee Hill PTA Blog for volunteer opportunities inside the school and sign ups for current events and PTA needs.