Building Genesee Hill Elementary School

Building Transition Team (BTT)

Mr. Kischner, the PTA Board and our staff-parent Building Leadership Team have started the process of convening a Building Transition Committee and laying out a work plan for making sure that we have everything in place to hit the ground running at the Genesee Hill building in September.

The committee will be co-chaired by our assistant principal, Ms. Dunn, and our PTA Vice President, Kelley O?Connor, and several staff members and parents join them in rolling up their project management sleeves. Seattle Public Schools has never opened anew elementary school of this size before and has not moved an existing program like this for many years, so this is another way that this new building will be a standard-setting opportunity for the Schmitz Park community.

The Committee will take on everything from traffic planning (cars, bicycles, and pedestrians) to facilities usage to identifying what materials, programs and even traditions we bring with us (and which we leave behind). There will be work enough for everyone, so if you have particular interests, talents and skills you would like to contribute, please contact Ms. Dunn