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Student Life at Genesee Hill

At Genesee Hill Elementary we feel that participation in student-oriented activities is a vital part of a student’s education. Therefore, a wide range of school programs are available for students, see below what’s currently going on at Genesee Hill.

After School Enrichment – We offer many after school enrichment classes to our students. Classes are offered for a fee, on a quarterly registration schedule, usually run an hour, and vary from the arts to outdoor exploration. Please visit the Before/After School Enrichment page for current offerings.

GeoBee Competition – Each winter we hold our annual Geography Bee, sponsored by National Geographic. The GeoBee is the same format as a spelling bee, and the questions are a test of geographical knowledge. The competition is open to our 4th and 5th graders, and those that choose to participate are given resources to get them ready. For more information about the GeoBee, visit the National Geographic website

Global Passport Program – The Global Passport Program helps students gain the knowledge and skills they need to be active and engaged citizens in an interconnected, 21st Century world. The Global Passport Program centers on developmentally-appropriate geographic literacy and cultural connections across the curriculum. The program results in students who are able to understand global events within a meaningful context. More information and maps are available on the Global Passport Program page.

Global Reading Challenge  – Thousands of elementary school students from nearly 50 Seattle public schools participate in The Seattle Public Library’s   Global Reading Challenge. The students compete in the Global Reading Challenge as teams. Together they read and discuss a set of 10 books to prepare for the event, where questions are read and teams write down the answer. The in-school challenges take place February. The top team from each school will then compete in semifinals against other top teams, and the winning schools from the semifinals will go on to compete in the city final.  In 2016 we placed 2nd with our team!

IslandWood – Each year, all the 5th graders, their teachers and parent chaperones catch the ferry to Bainbridge Island for 3 nights and 4 days of environmental learning, team building, and fun. IslandWood is consistently the highlight of a child’s school experience.  Through our Outdoor School Overnight program, 5th graders experience the time of their lives in a safe and secure environment full of sights and wonders that only nature can provide. Learn more about the program, visit the  IslandWood website.

Reading Buddies -Classrooms of the secondary grades will pair up with the classrooms of the primary grades for Reading Buddies. When the classes initially meet, an older student will be matched with a younger student, and the older student will either read to or be read to by the younger student. One of the most endearing moments of this program is when a kindergarten points to an older student and tells his parent, with great awe “that’s my reading buddy” or the older student says the same about a first grader, with a sense of pride.

Recess Buddies – Volunteers from 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades are trained to assist the younger students in game play, ideas for engaging other students in play, and some of the basics in conflict resolution. Their assistance is valuable to the adults monitoring the recess and as a role model to their peers.

Student Council – Student Council is a group of 3rd-5th grade students that meets weekly to provide leadership to the school. Members represent their classrooms, facilitate parts of assemblies, plan dress up days, promote a positive school climate, and organize other events to make our school a fun place to be. These students also work to lead the Genesee Hill community in projects to benefit the community. Recently, these student leaders hosted a holiday donation drive to support foster kids through the organization Treehouse. Members apply to represent their classrooms, and are then elected in their homerooms.