Genesee Hill Elementary



Physical Education at Genesee Hill

In our Physical Education classes, students participate in activities that focus on 3 main areas:

  1. Increased personal fitness (cardio, muscle endurance, strength and flexibility)
  2. Improved motor skills (kicking, throwing, catching, balance etc.)
  3. Increased knowledge of health and fitness (body systems, nutrition, fitness concepts, and more)

P.E. is also a time to build social skills and improve personal character through teamwork and problem solving!

Students/Parents: Please be sure to wear the correct attire on P.E. days; clothes and shoes you can run, jump and climb in.

PE Units


  • Intro/fitness challenges
  • Bike Safety (bring a helmet) Do Not Bring Bikes
  • Individual skill building activities: Cup Stacking, hula hoop etc.
  • Variety of group games: Danish Rounders, Hockey, Gilligan’s Island etc.
  • Unicycles


  • Intro into basic movements/balance, skipping, managing body in space.
  • Exposure to a variety of equipment in station work
  • Group games: Sharks and Minnows, Pac Man etc.

PE Events to watch for:

  • Move-a-Thon
  • November: Candy collection with donations going to West Seattle Food Bank!
  • June: Field Day