Genesee Hill Elementary


Directions and Map

Genesee Hill Elementary School Address and Map

5013 SW Dakota St.
Seattle, WA 98116


Drop-off & Pick-up Procedures

No Genesee Hill students should ever arrive or be present on school property before 7:40 a.m. However tempting to come early, it is for the safety of all children that we ask that you honor the 7:40 a.m. arrival.

Morning Drop-Off

51st Ave will become a one-way moving north only between Genesee and Dakota

  1. Enter from Genesee
  2. Pull up to drop off area (between orange cones) on east side of 51st by ramp to playground
  3. Wait your turn – do not jump the line
  4. Students must be ready to get out of the car before you get in line
    • Backpacks in laps, food put away, etc.
  5. Students exit from the right side or curb side of the car
  6. Students enter the playground from the ramp
  7. Once students are safely away from car pull out to let next cars in for drop-off

Morning Crossing Guard is available on 51st and Genesee

  • When the crossing guard is present, Genesee Hill community is asked to wait for them to stop traffic for crossing.
    • Pedestrians always cross at the intersections.

Morning Parking (when necessary)

  • 51st and Genesee are for drop-off only. No parking.
  • Dakota St. (in front of the building) is for bike, pedestrian, and bus traffic only. No parking at any time.
  • With our neighbors’ driveways in mind, all other areas are safe for parking.

Afternoon Pick-up

  • Park nearby and walk onto the playground to meet your student(s).
  • Older students may walk to parent/student agreed upon meet up parking spot for pick-up.

As a reminder, per SPS District Policy, animals are not allowed on school grounds at any time. Please keep your pet in your car during pick up and drop off times. For both your own legal protection as well as the safety of our students, it is best that dogs be left at home. Even the most well-mannered dog can be triggered by being in close quarters with hundreds of loud children.

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