Genesee Hill Elementary



Attendance at Genesee Hill

We are legally required to contact parents regarding all absences. All unreported absences are marked as unexcused until we hear from the parent.

Students arriving to their classrooms after 7:55 a.m. are marked tardy.

How to Report an Absence

If your child will be absent from school: please email your student’s teacher and the attendance office at or call 206-252-9700.

Not riding the bus today or riding a different bus?

Always notify the attendance email if your child will not be riding the bus on a particular day as we hold the bus until the student is accounted for.

If your student would like to have a friend ride the bus home with them, please request a bus pass from the attendance email

Planned Absences

If you email your child’s teacher that they will be absent ahead of time (planned vacations, doctor’s appointments, or extended absences), please also send that attendance information to the attendance office email

Medically related reasons or family emergencies are excused.

Late Arrival

Any student who arrives at 7:55 or later will need to check in at the front office to be admitted into class.

Early Dismissal

If you need to pick your child up early, please come to the front entrance and ring the bell. The office staff will call your child’s classroom and ask their teacher to send them to the office.